Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Thoughts

So I've given some thought after T.O. asked us what we thought of the text.  I feel like the book was not written for our generation, but is something important.  I feel like the text would do better at giving us a list of proven online tools and then we could discuss the adaptations and benefits, ways to utilize it in the classroom.  Not that the text is bad or that there is nothing to learn from it, but it seems to be pushing the advantages of technology on a group of students who have grown up with technology and have computers in their bookbag, desktop, or even purse or pocket.  Kinda like preachin' to the choir.  It seems that when we discuss the programs in class, it isn't that we can't use or figure out the programs, but just never heard of them.
I do feel like older teachers (ones who have not embraced technology simply because it can be overwhelming) may need the younger teachers of our generation to bring them up to date when it comes to technology.  I have heard an older teacher from my alma mater talk about how in-service days may well be spent by younger teachers going over technology and software and online programs with the older teachers while the older teachers show the benefits of "old school" methods to the youngun's.
Not too bad of an idea, I agree with him.

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