Friday, February 10, 2012

More about Comic Life!

If you were interested in the software that was the focus of my presentation, you can download it for free here.  If you wish to keep using it for free, after 30 days the software will add a watermark to the comics you create (which I wouldn't see as that big of a deal).
I do think this software is great for creative works, and we have discussed in class the possible importance of graphic novels to help aide certain works.  This could provide an opportunity for the students to create their own graphic chapter of a novel, add a catchy spin to their research, or create an interesting mini-memoir with actual pictures.
The program is extremely user friendly. (The presented comic only took me a few minutes to create and I am by no means a tech savvy guy.)  The panel templates, pictures, text, and  thought and speech bubbles are simply click and drag into the workspace.  It is quick and easy to learn and may even provide an interesting way to introduce a lesson you want the students to grasp and be motivated for quickly.
Here is my creation from Comic Life!
As you can see, Comic Life provides a few editing tools that help actual pictures from my vacation look as though they are painted, drawn, or shaded like a graphic novel.  You can also leave the editing out as I have done with the pictograph on the bottom right.  All in all, I think that I will utilize this program at some point in my career and hopefully you all can too.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of comics and technology so I think this software is pretty awesome. I think having a class revolving around graphic novels and having students create their own graphic works would be an excellent way of getting students involved in what they are learning and sparking their creative juices.