Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson 12- Cyber Ethics

I can't remember who did the presentation on the collaborative essay, but I think it is an interesting idea.  Nowadays, people need to learn how to collaborate and work together, and the Googledocs assignment is a great way to get people to practice that type of gathering, organizing, developing, and presenting as a team.  I have not been able to utilize Googledocs myself, but want to try it out for our podcast paper, just so I can see if it is easy to use or not.  I feel that this kind of activity not only replicates real-world situations, but also alleviates some social anxiety.  I know there are some students out there who do not like working in groups because they may get stuck with all the work while the other partners may do nothing, or feel that the final product is lacking because the individual parts do not flow.  This would allow them all to edit and revise the same paper which will create better flow.  This assignment may also allow the student who is not in a group with his friends an opportunity to contribute equally and never feel left out.
I just feel that because many occupations out there have teams presenting one idea, this could be splendid practice.

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