Thursday, March 1, 2012

Podcasting Project

As odd as it may seem, I actually enjoyed making the podcast.  I've had Audacity on my computer, and I thought it was pretty easy to use.  I was able to edit music, place where we wanted to record, edit separate tracks, add effects... it was easy and fun.  Even the host-site we used, podbean, was easy to figure out and looked pretty good.  Just wish Jake and I weren't both battling colds and sore-throats for the recording, but still turned out alright.


  1. I wish I was good with technology! I also used Audacity but was not sure how to clip sections and add effects. I'm not sure how everyone else did theirs but I started over every time I messed up. I haven't even been able to add my podcast to the class wiki. I'll have to try Podbean!

  2. Podcast was great....couldn't even tell you had colds. I think we'll have to book some class time for you to show us the ease of audacity. Are you up for it?

    1. Sure, I may have to do it in the form of a screen captured powerpoint since the school computers may not let me do the things I would want to, just let me know when you would want me to present and I'll make the powerpoint step by step.