Thursday, March 8, 2012

I wish I had known about Zotero earlier in my ed career

I should start by saying Mozilla Firefox is the ideal for this Zotero program.  This is a great way to keep online research organized, while also allowing you to keep bookmarks, citation information, highlights, notes, and many other features on a page.  I'm still playing with and learning about Zotero, but I wish I would have found this earlier for all the research papers I have had to write.  It is free and I think this is a great program for students.
We have discussed many sites that allow for bookmarking, highlighting, organizing, and collaborating, but I find Zotero to be superior to them.  Like I said though, I installed it onto my computer at the beginning of the semester, so I'm still learning its features.  One of which, unlike the ones discussed in class, is that you can open your browser offline and still have access to the webpages that you have added into Zotero and edit the page with your highlights and notes etc..

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