Wednesday, April 11, 2012

YouTube and video supplemented or (BUFFERING) based?

I'm in a class this semester, and I won't name it, but it seems that every class is based on video clips (mainly from YouTube).  They may be helpful in providing real-life examples, but I think there is a fine line of just too much.  Not only that, but with technology based classes and lessons, there should be some understanding of operation.  Buffering is annoying enough when I'm at home, but dead class time with a slow server and the instructor acting like this never happens when it happens every clip every day doesn't make sense to me.  It is one of those moments I think "I don't want to do that when I teach."  If there is a video clip that is important to the lesson, there are means to embed it into the slide (which may take extra work) or they can be converted and saved to a flashdrive and rid the buffering problem, or simply opening them before class on the site and pausing them until they are needed so there is no lag from buffering.  It just amazes me that not only does this happen often, but there is no lecture or setup or further discussion while we all wait for buffering...  I don't know why I had this rant, but there it is.

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  1. I know which class you are referring to ;) and I must agree with you. I'm paying for the course and half of the class period we wait for videos to buffer! It is extremely frustrating!