Friday, April 6, 2012

Simple Forms of NonPrint

I really enjoyed the Process Drama exercises in class on Wednesday.  I hope to someday try things like that in my classroom.  It's interesting to see not only quick improv skills, but see what everyone's interpretation of the character is.  Like Alyssa said in class, and I agree, portraying (or imagining) the character allows for a deeper connection, empathy, and understanding.  If that can be achieved, there might be a fondness developed with the text.  I know I always enjoy novels or short stories in which a character reminds me of myself, this is a way to make a character like yourself or make yourself like a character.  It goes hand in hand.  I think it is an important skill for students, and it comes natural to us as English majors, but this may be a way to introduce that connection to students who do not necessarily think in that way.

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